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Telephone Consultations - From £20

Home Visit - From £85

Video Follow-Up - From £45

STEP ONE – before your surgery you’ll be asked:

  • The background to your treatment.
  • Your medical history.
  • Your expectations for your operation.
  • To discuss how to help you to get fit for surgery.
  • Record your baseline vital signs.
  • The relevant information to prepare your post-discharge treatment plan.

STEP TWO – at home after surgery, you’ll receive,

  • Post-operative monitoring assessing your heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood pressure, hydration status and bowels
    “head-to-toe” clinical nursing assessment to detect any complications for example blood clots, infections, sepsis, acute kidney injury.
  • Opportunities to discuss your experience and concerns.
  • Support with pain, wound, sleep and nutrition.
  • Support you with your prescribed exercises and other therapies.
  • Liaising with family and doctors as necessary.

The number of post-operative visits depends on your clinical progress and overall well-being.

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